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Would you like an app which we make for you? Simply click "Contact us" and describe your app to us and we will make it for you! 

Bad news? You have to pay a bit of money. Good News? We create apps for a cheaper price than other app developers!

As soon as you tell us that you would like and app, you will have to pay us a Non-Refundable amount of only £5. (NOTE: The money may be refunded ONLY under special circumstances). 

The price to develop your app can vary between £10 and £150 (Excluding the non-refundable amount), developing on the complexity of the app. If you provide us with all the images, we will knock off 10% of the price for your app!

To purchase this, please click "Contact us" above and send us a message saying that you would like us to create you an app, and we will get back to you.


 Terms and Conditions

You will agree to the following terms and conditions if you wish for us to make an app for you:

(1) You may publish the app that we create for you to any website. But we are not responsible if the app that we create is suspended or removed from the market-it is up to you to read the terms and conditions of the website which you publish the app to.

(2) You will pay the specified amount required to make this app. It is a CRIMINAL OFFENSE if you don't pay.

(3) You will NOT ask us to create an app which has unsuitable material. For more information, please Contact us.

(4) You will not threaten, insult or do any of these sort of things to the person who is developing your app. 

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